About the essential type and applications to PDE


主题:   About the essential type and applications to PDE主讲人:   Jaime E. Munoz-Rivera地点:   腾讯会议73009963655时间:   2020-10-11 07:30:00组织单位:   非线性科学研究所

主讲人简介:Jaime E.Munoz-Rivera is a professor of LNCC, Petropolis, RJ, Brazil. His research fieldis  functional analysis, partial differential equations and its applications.

内容摘要:We introduce a new characterization of exponential stability over Banach spaces using the essential type of a semigroup. This new characterization allows us to find new results on stabilization and the lack of exponential stabilization. We show some methods to calculate or estimate the essential type. We show applications for wave equations and Timoshenko systems.



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